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Dry January in Chicago

So, you decided to try and pull off Dry January? We’re eleven days into this blessed new year, but if you are already riding the struggle bus, here are a few ideas to occupy your time while that bottle of wine stares at you from the counter.

Take a hike! Leave the bubble of your own neighborhood and explore one of the 77 communities of Chicago. You will be able to enjoy the architecture, the sights, and maybe even walk away with a better understanding of the famous “Grid System”. If the lure of quiet wilderness is stronger than the cityscape, check out the forest preserves of Cook county. They’re a lot closer than you think!

Check out these lists of places to hike during winter here and here.

Chicken Sammie Challenge! Church’s Chicken, KFC, Popeyes; they have all thrown down in the ring when it comes to the chicken sandwich. Make it your job to share with the world (or at least social media) which fried chicken concoction reigns as winner. Go buckwild and make a TikTok to share the results!

Not in the mood to cook, try some of our favorite local spots for fried chicken sandwiches: Honey Butter, Lucy's, Roost Chicken & Biscuits and Big Jones!

Buy an ACTUAL book! I know, I know, I know… Who has time to turn pages and read a tangible and physical book? You do, silly! Without the time constraints of opening wine bottles, cracking beers, and shaking up spicy margaritas, you will have at least an extra hour every day to use those eyes and eat up all the words on the page. You can combine the hike with your purchase of a book by checking out these independent (&local) bookstores: Pilsen Community Books, Myopic Bookstore, The Lookinglass Books and Ravenswood Used Books

Try a new routine! You have probably initiated Operation Get Fit. Getting back to the gym is rule number one for Dry January. Give your everyday workout a depth charge and try barre (if Ballet and Pilates had a baby). Explore how boxing can target muscle groups in a different way. If you’re looking for a studio that promotes comfort and confidence and offers a great variety of classes, in an only women atmosphere this gym may be your jam.

Take a nap! Make a space that is inviting and cozy (essential oil diffuser/get the temp just right). Take some time to figure out your blanket style. Pick out the perfect outfit – a loose pair of lounge pants and a big old t-shirt are perfect. Turn your blinds to the perfect tilt to give you that twilight light. You will wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the next thing on your To-Do list! Try some of our favorite apps to help you de-stress, relax and wind down: Calm, Headspace, Aura

Rearrange your furniture! We are a solid eleven months into this pandemic. You’ve been surrounded by your stuff, Netflix & chilling, eating charcuterie boards off of your coffee table for long enough! Space is an awesome place to change and rearrange for different moods/looks/energy. Stop by your local home decor store and pick up a few more blankets and throw pillows and move your sofa near your window. Get an ottoman – it’s the perfect piece of furniture, because it looks cute and has utilitarian characteristics as well! Check out these posh local options like Jayson Home and Garden, GL Decor and if you're looking for that unique vintage piece Broadway Antique Market.

The Final Challenge? I bet you can accomplish the above in one whole day if you’re brave enough. And just remember this wise advice I got from a friend about Dry January, “You really can do anything you do drunk, sober. You can even make bad decisions and feel regret the next day!” There are twenty days left of January… let’s make it to the finish line. That bottle of wine will need a good dusting off.

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