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Enjoying the City During a Pandemic Winter

With the start of a new year and hope to leave a lot of loss and uncertainty in 2020, everyone is looking toward renewed goals and respite in the coming months. Yet the fact remains it is winter in a Midwestern city by the lake, and the pandemic persists. The combination can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There is still plenty to do in our lovable and cold metropolis—while maintaining safe distances of course.

Heated Outdoor Dining

Restaurant staffs and patrons alike braced for this time of year, anticipating pandemic precautions restricting indoor seating would hamper the beloved pastime that is dining out. But “out” takes on a whole new meaning in the time of COVID-19, and heated pods offer a relieving alternative. A range of charmed eateries have warm and safe patio conversions, including classics like Le Colonial in the Gold Coast, or trendy spots like Aba, Beatnik on the River and Barcocina. Check out TimeOut Chicago for more indoor/outdoor dining conversions.

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Heading to Chicago on Feb. 11, the art experience that pays tribute to the historical, artistic phenom Vincent Van Gogh is a “massive indoor digital presentation of his work unlike any traditional museum exhibit in the world,” says the Chicago Sun Times. The outstanding exhibit takes full advantage of Germania Club Building (108 W. Germania Place), utilizing the venue’s Victorian-era architecture, 35-foot-tall walls and multiple levels—giving art buffs a chance to step into the genius mind of Van Gogh. And, it’s inside (with COVID-19 protocols implemented) for a true recreational pandemic masterpiece.

Ancient Baths

There probably hasn’t been a more justifiable time in history than now to go ahead and treat yourself. No better way to do that than by ditching your tub and upgrading to an ancient bath–namely Aire Ancient Baths. Inspired by the baths of Roman and Greek civilizations, you can immerse yourself in an ultimate throwback approach to relaxation. You’ll be transported to a different time while warm, detoxed and perhaps even forget about any woes carrying over from last year.

Ice Skating

Hunkering down can lead to feeling isolated and sluggish. A great way to get out for some fun and exercise is ice skating. One city go-to for this is Maggie Daley Park, where you can get some much-needed stretching in as well as indulge in iconic landscape views.


No need to recoil from the idea of being outdoors just because the temperature has dropped. After all, fresh air and nature can do everyone good—especially at a time like this. Just beyond our pavement and high rises are prime spots for hiking. Traverse bucolic trails and catch unmatched views of Lake Michigan right outside of our city walls. For details on neighboring hiking locations, visit TimeOut Chicago.

There is a time to hibernate and eventually a time to break out of that seclusion—while staying safe and cozy but entertained. If you’re looking to buy real estate, and not sure which neighborhood to land in, you don’t have to wait until the weather breaks to explore potential areas to call home. Find a favorite restaurant or nearby park while getting out and about during the winter—this pandemic may determine your next big move.

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