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Exploring The Southport Corridor

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Consider it Wrigleyville’s older, more sophisticated but inviting sibling. You can take in a Cubs game then skip the rowdiness of that area, by going just a few blocks west to enjoy the shops and dining of Southport. It’s an opportunity to do some adulting in style.

Flush with chic boutiques—both commercial and independently owned—mixed in with posh eateries and some dive bars for balance, the Southport Corridor is a treasured destination spot renowned in the city. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in this trendy yet timeless area.

Brunch at Southport Grocery and Café

Get energized for your day in the corridor by having a delightful brunch at the neighborhood’s namesake café. Offering up everything from cupcake pancakes to their signature breakfast sandwich, this local favorite deliciously runs the gamete of sweet and savory. They have a great kid’s menu too! Fun fact: they support local farmers so there’s even more motivation to dine here, beyond their from-scratch inspired cuisine.

Afternoon Shopping at Johnny Was or Uncle Dan’s

With an elevated boho vibe, Johnny Was offers an intriguing selection of high-end embroidered pieces with eclectic and vibrant patterns unique to their brand. The clothing isn’t just works of art though, they’re also geared for comfort and livability.

That’s a daintier shopping option. If you’re needing to cater to a more rugged retail experience, Uncle Dan’s Outdoor Store is just down the street—featuring well-known outer wear brands and all your adventure gear needs.

Dinner at Tango Sur

Once dinner time rolls around, you can indulge in an Argentinian transport at the authentic and intimate Tango Sur. Known for their candlelit steak dinners, this small but intoxicating restaurant is a staple in the city. An affordable one that encourages bonding with friends…

“As if the steaks weren’t reasonably priced enough, it’s also BYOB. Talk about a double price saving whammy. It’s the mix of affordable, BYOB, and the fact they only take reservations for parties of six or more that make Tango Sur a great spot for big group dinners,” Sam Faye wrote in The Infatuation.

Night Cap at Lange’s

Get some steps in after that hefty, delectable meal and head back south on the strip for some pool and beverages at this classic dive bar. It’s such a dive, it doesn’t even have a website! They’ve been serving domestic brews and rock and roll long enough to rely solely on word of mouth—and their iconic real estate on Southport.

Chicago is a city known for its individualized neighborhoods—each offering their own kind of charm and aesthetic. You won’t soon forget Southport’s. If you’re looking to buy, we are happy to show you properties in this area, and throughout the greater Chicagoland.

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