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Gearing up for Fall in Chicago

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Midwestern legend has it that a Pumpkin Spice Latte carries a soothing formula to help quell the pain of summer ending. Maybe not, but there are certainly autumn traditions you can partake in that will ease you into a cooler, yet cozier and colorful season.

Here are five fun activities and attractions in and around the Chicagoland area. Go ahead and wrap yourself up in that blanket scarf and wool coat (you know you’ve been waiting to), and rake in some fun over the next couple months!

Goebbert’s Farm

This isn’t your typical pumpkin patch experience! Sure, there is cider to purchase and a slew of pumpkins to peruse, but those are just mere extra’s to the farm’s collection of exotic animals, rides, and games—you can literally pet a Giraffe! From their haunted house, a corn stalk maze and gem mining, to pony and camel rides, Goebbert’s takes autumn fun to another level of interactive excitement.

Adults Night Out: The Great Pumpkin Glow

Here’s solid proof the Halloween season isn’t just for kids! Experience the Lincoln Park Zoo during after-hours for optimal spooky vibes, complete with a haunted trail, a pumpkin walk, craft cocktails and or course, animals. You can learn all about bats or crocodiles…and can dress up as those too!

Morten Arboretum

There’s admiring the changing colors of fall foliage and then there’s going to the big leagues of gazing at leaves—a tree sanctuary. Here you can traverse through a vast selection of tree and plant species as well as take in exhibitions that merge the beauty of nature and manmade art.

Apple Picking

This one’s a staple that shouldn’t be passed up just because it takes traveling a little way outside of the city limits. Heinz and County Line are popular orchards nearby, offering family-friendly, no frills, varietal apple picking vibes.

Monet Immersive Experience

No one said every fall activity had to be spent outdoors. Afterall, the temps are inevitably plummeting. Enjoy another iconic artist infiltration ( the Van Gogh one was super cool, too) exhibiting the eternal genius of Monet. These tickets will vanish as fast as a plant’s chlorophyll, so join the waitlist now!

As mild weather approaches and before hunkering down becomes a hobby, let’s savor golden hues, caffeinated, spiced drinks and curating the perfect blend of flannel and denim for that post-worthy shot in a field bracing for snow (too soon?).

If you’re in the market to buy this fall, our team is eager to help you on the path to your new home. We promise to only wear costumes if instructed!

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