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Getting Your Home Sale Ready

Selling your home can be bittersweet—while you’re eager to get it off the market and move on, saying goodbye can be emotionally draining. Not to mention physically taxing considering the proper preparation that goes into getting your house ready to sell.

What it shouldn’t be is overwhelming. Here are some main areas to tackle and a breakdown of what needs to be done to get your home from “for sale” to “sold.”

Deep Clean and Decluttering

There’s maintenance cleaning, and then cleaning your home so that it’s marketable. This means paying attention to the things you may normally bypass like cleaning any window treatments and getting the floors professionally done. Try to make the bathrooms and kitchen look like they haven’t been used (re-caulking could do wonders!), and don’t forget about your home’s exterior.

“The first thing buyers see when they walk up to your house is the entryway—so you need to make sure it gives a positive first impression. Especially for private showings, your front door area needs to be in pristine condition. While your real estate agent unlocks the door, the buyer looks around and notices every minor imperfection,” HomeLight points out.

They also emphasize the importance of cleaning your roof, putting a fresh coat of paint on an unobstructed front door and even the benefit of cleaning your mailbox.

Remember to clear all countertops of personal items and any everyday products. You ultimately want the people viewing the home to envision themselves in the space.


Part of selling your home is detaching from it, and this means removing family photos and anything that could cause a distraction when a potential buyer is viewing the property.

“You want to present buyers with an impersonal, clean environment so they can imagine the home perhaps decorated with their own photographs, furniture, and art objects. Depersonalizing your home makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize how the home might look filled with their own items,” according to The Balance.

Update and Organize

Depending on your budget, making minor updates to the kitchen and throughout the home can lend to your chances of selling quicker. Paint the cabinets and update their hardware if possible. Cover all holes and cracks in any walls. You want to anyone viewing the home to be looking at a clean slate.

Be sure to organize closets and even consider renting a storage unit for extraneous items (personalized pieces or family heirlooms).

Buy light bulbs! All the lights in your home should be to on to optimize the clean, clutter-less space you’ve curated.


Speaking of curation…now that you’ve depersonalized and freshened everything up, add some inviting yet neutralized flair to the home. Buy fresh flowers, add some new (understated and chic) throw pillows, hang fresh towels in the bathrooms, and rearrange the furniture in a fashion that makes the space feel open and inviting.

Even though you’ve removed your personal touch, you can still impress potential buyers with tasteful and universal styling skills.

At RDM Group Chicago, we pride ourselves on our top-of-the-line marketing and our team has been rated in the top 25% of Chicagoland agents. Once you’ve gotten your home sale ready, we'll run a comprehensive market analysis to properly price your house—helping you quicky capitalize on this life-changing sale.

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