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Roscoe Village: A Little Town of Its Own

Few neighborhoods in Chicago offer the same kind of family-oriented yet stylish, trend-setting vibe found in Roscoe Village. It’s designated with its own welcome sign for a reason. Plush with finely manicured front yards, patio dining and one-of-a-kind boutiques, Roscoe Village serves as a chic oasis in our bustling metropolis.

Whether you start at Damen or Western to travel down Roscoe, there are blocks of shopping, dining, and prime real estate to peruse. Here are some staple locations along Roscoe St., perfect for a day outing in the Village.

Brunch at Lucy’s Café

Family-owned—with the option of most meals being animal product and gluten free—this quaint and health-conscious dinery can host the perfect start to your day in Roscoe Village. With a soothing beach coast vibe, their menu boasts brunch favorites like benedicts and French toast alongside a variety of signature salads for a guilt-free fuel up.

Shopping at The Denim Lounge

According to the boutique’s owner, “three qualities make up a great pair of jeans: comfort, durability and wash,” and that’s the exact standard he and his team have curated for their store. Complete with couches, TV and a beer cooler, shopping at the Denim Lounge offers comfort while their product—that expands beyond jeans to include tops, dresses and sportswear for women, men, and kids—is inspired by NYC brands and a combined 60 years of fashion experience.

Drinks at Village Tap

Coined “Chicago’s Premiere Neighborhood Tavern,” this local watering hole is known for their sophisticated draft list and spacious biergarten. It’s an ideal spot for a mid-day beverage while you explore the area. With a full food menu, their beer list, wine, and cocktails can be accompanied by a light snack too!

Dinner at John’s Place

You’ll want to cap off your day in the Village with a dinner at one of the neighborhood’s well-known restaurants. Established in 1994, John’s is the kind of place that is inviting and warm with a quality of dining that has kept up with trends but never compromised its tradition.

This is just a mere sample of what Roscoe Village entails. With a range of novelty shops, dining that spans different cultures and an overall family-friendly environment, this neighborhood is in a stylish, high-end yet welcoming class of its own. Our team would be happy to show you listings in this area, and the greater Chicago area.

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