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Spring 2021 Home Essentials

This spring marks a year since the coronavirus began to fully impact our lives, and quarantine orders were issued. Lockdowns swept away our work commutes, plans for dining out and even meant resorting to grocery delivery. Being at home took on a whole new meaning now that it was an enforcement, and we weren’t necessarily prepared for such an abrupt change in lifestyle.

This year is different. We now know how important it is to feel comfortable, productive and healthy at home. Here are four areas to focus on if you decide to do a spring spruce up while living in a pandemic and staying in style.


Finishing a room with mid-century pieces, blunt edges and avantgarde accents had been the trend when it came to outfitting common living spaces. However, that throw-back mod choice is not always ideal to lounge in. You can still have fashion but with more relaxing function.

“While the mid-century look was very popular, now that people are actually hanging out in their living spaces for hours at a time, there is a strong trend towards furniture that is big on soft, comfy sofas and chairs that allow you to lounge with ease,” Timothy Corrigan told Vogue.

The iconic style magazine checked in with Robert McKinley, who predicts the fall of another style. “I think minimalism will begin to go by the wayside in 2021,” he said. He continued, “As we spend more time in our homes, we need more objects to hold our attention. All that empty space can be suffocating.”

Before pandemic life, homeowners may have tried emphasizing a more gallery-like feel in their living spaces—with uninviting yet hyper-stylized furniture and minimalism providing a sense of vastness. But now we have to hunker down with plushness, warm colors and decorative items that provide solace.

Work Space

Being able to skip your commute and work in pajamas from home, may have come as a relief in the beginning of the pandemic. Your bed could be transformed into a conference room with the start of a Zoom meeting. However the allure of any leisure perceived in working from home probably wore off.

Monotony outside of the home is one thing, but when it sets into your living space it can feel even more daunting. So it’s important to have a designated place for work set up, so to impart elements of actually being at work.

“Successful remote workers set up a dedicated office space in their home and used a physical boundary, like a door, to carve out space,” Anja Jamrozik, a cognitive scientist, told Architectural Digest. “They also set temporal boundaries by replicating the schedule of a workday they would have if going into an office,” she added.


Piggy-backing the need for comfort when revamping your home during pandemic lockdowns, has been the impetus to incorporate plants into interior design.

photo credit: Sam Frost

“Using greenery or fresh flowers to bring the outdoors in is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for spring. I can’t think of a better way to brighten up a space than with beautiful plants and flowers,” says Jane at Home. This is also achievable with faux plants if you don’t want to worry about maintenance.

Other décor trends carrying over from the last year into this spring is the need for smart lighting, durable fabrics, and—again—comfort. “Add a fresh look to your couch, chairs, and beds by adding new pillows, or simply rearranging the ones you already own,” also shared by Jane at Home.


While you’ll want to surround your home with furniture and decorations that lend comfort and serenity, you also don’t want to overwhelm spaces and create unnecessary clutter. We have enough on our plates.

“And adding a basket or two (as seen in this office space from restoringlansdowne) is a great way to reduce clutter and change up your look. A lovely woven basket is the perfect accessory to store everything from throw blankets to dog toys and stuffed animals while still looking chic and stylish,” says The Spruce.

It’s also encouraged to do the proverbial spring cleaning and audit your household items—discarding what you don’t use or what isn’t adding to the comfort zone.

Everyone’s better prepared this time around for spring months enveloped by a pandemic. If you curate a home that caters to comfort and wellness, this season can potentially be your best yet. If you’re in the market to buy this spring and begin the process of making a house your home, we are here to help you start that journey.

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