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Taking In the Outdoors This Summer

As we close in on summer’s mid-point, it may feel like Chicago’s heavily anticipated warmer months are slipping away as fast as cocktails enjoyed on the riverfront—but we have more to sip in!

With restrictions being lifted and a conscientious but enjoyable return to normalcy, the next several weeks should be brimming with all the outdoor attractions that make our beloved city by the lake a destination spot for some, and our exciting home. Here are five outdoor activities to take in while the thermometer is still on our side.

Bike Tour

You’re cooped up in a car or on public transit most of the year, so take advantage of the freedom found on two wheels in fresh air while seeing the best Chicago architecture has to offer. You can definitely do your own thing and take a cruise along the lake front or on

The 606, but there are also a bevy of professionally led tours to choose from.

Navy Pier

If you’re a native of Chicago, Navy Pier is usually an afterthought—or one that doesn’t cross your mind at all unless you’re making fun of it as a tourist trap. But like it or not, it’s as synonymous with the city as Harry Caray comparing himself to a hot dog, and no joke!

There’s of course the iconic Ferris Wheel, shopping and restaurants to choose from, but perhaps the best part of visiting one of the city’s infamous attractions are the free activities the park offers.

Outdoor Movie

The time has come to liberate yourself from the couch and long streaming sessions to enjoy cinema in its ‘nature’ form! There are a ton of different, low-key drive in and outdoor movie options throughout the city, as well as the more elaborate but just as relaxing Millennium Park Summer Film Series.

Kayak Down the River

While some may strictly associate being on the water while in Chicago with chartering a yacht or sail boat to take out on Lake Michigan, kayaking should not be kept at bay! It’s not just an activity reserved for camping trips and is a great opportunity for exercise and seeing your city from a fun, aquatic point of view.

Music Fests

They’re back! The summer of 2020 may have deprived us of gatherings and with that went the coveted music fest but get your wrists plastic band ready. We can return to muddy grass with beverages in hand, and live (ahhh live) music in our ears!

It’s (actually) the most wonderful time of the Chicago year, so take to the streets, the fests and the waters before you’re in a down coat hanging up mistletoe and holly.

No matter the season, our team at RDM is excited to help you embark on the buying or selling process!

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